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“Invigilator-Less-Examination” of NML KPS gets recognition in Mumbai

Jamshedpur, April 19 : The incidence of rampant cheating in Bihar during Class 10 examination which
recently received widespread reportage in almost all national news papers & TV Channels with footages
of men clambering over the walls to help examinees had left the fair-minded, law abiding public stunned.

Against this backdrop, the initiative of Kerala Public Schools of Jamshedpur has earned a unique distinction
for practicing “Invigilator-Less-Examination” in their schools.

This has been acknowledged and deservedly awarded as one of the best practices at the national level contest “Learnshift India”, organized by R. N. Poddar School, Mumbai on 13th April, 2015. Mrs.Moushumi
Das, Principal, NML KPS, was invited to receive the Award and share her experience on implementing and sustaining this process in her school successfully over the years.

Speaking on the occasion, Mrs. Das explained in detail the objective of “InvigilatorLess-Examination”and
elaborated on how it has helped students not only in inculcating the value of honesty & integrity but also
in imbibing in them the art of self control and confidence.

The students apart, the beneficiaries are also the Teachers and the parents. Mrs. Das expressed her gratitude to the Vice Chairperson, Mrs. Vijayam Kartha for having initiated this practice. Dr. Srikanth Nair, the Director congratulated the entire team on this achievement.

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