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Internet controlled smart street lights rolled out in Jamshedpur


Jamshedpur, June 17 : Jamshedpur is one of the first to use Tata Communications’ LoRa network for smart city services such as smart metering and lighting.
Besides doing Proofs of Concept (PoCs) for smart streetlighting—in
which lights can automatically adjust their brightness based on
factors such as the available natural light or density of traffic.

The establishment of a LoRa LPWAN (low power wide area network ) base
station with gateways to manage city services will embed in the
Jamshedpur of tomorrow, devices, electronics, sensors, software and
connectivity. This will be lead to even greater efficiency in the use
of all resources.

JUSCO, a Tata Steel subsidiary that look after civic amenities in the
city, is working on several initiatives to make life smarter for the
people. Smart Parking solution is one of the most ambitious projects,
which aims to solve parking issues. The company is working on project
to deploy of parking sensors at major parking areas.

“With the implementation of the project people can know the parking
slot availability all the time using the dashboard. It will reduce
time to search vacant slot. It will also reduce in full time
employment deployments permanently at the parking areas and will also
help in efficient space utilization,” said an official of Jusco.

JUSCO has rolled out smart street lights in the city that can be
controlled and operated through internet. The system has smart
features such as switching the lights on/off or dimming them remotely
from a central command centre.

The lights can be adjusted in clusters depending on need in each location, which helps reduce manpower costs and energy consumption further.

“IoT is the most revolutionary technology that is designed to pave for
better living standards. Not only does it help us reduce our carbon
footprint, but it also sets significant cost savings, because of its
extremely low power consumption, said Gaurav Anand, chief manager,
environment and sustainability, JUSCO.

Among the initiatives being rolled out are Smart Water Level
Monitoring, Digital Dustbins, sensor based Street Lighting, Smart
Parking and Proactive management of the Sewage Network.

Workforce tracking system is another path breaking project which will
pave way for real time location and tracking of workers through smart wearable devices. Through data analytics it will lead to better planning and efficient resource utilization.

It is being designed to improve workforce efficiency For instance, JUSCO is also installing sensors under the manholes in the city so that the water level can be monitored and preventive action taken before water actually gushes out of the sewers onto city streets. The monitoring is done from a centralised command and control (C&C) centre that is manned jointly by JUSCO and Tata Communications personnel.

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