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International artistes celebrate Rabindranath with his compositions

Jamshedpur, August 9: Vishwa Kobi Rabindranath Tagore had once famously observed, “Death should be celebrated as remembrance and not mourned,” and in respect to The Bard, artistes from all over the world participated in an online programme through a digital premier on YouTube on the occasion of his 80th death anniversary earmarked as Baishe Srabon that was on August 8.

The event entitled, ‘Shruti Modhur’ was an exhilarating capsule of Tagore’s songs and recitations with instrumental music adding to the glitter of the stupendous presentations Swaranjali of Delhi and Pracheen Kala Kendra of Chandigarh. The entire concept and presentation was by Subrata De who aptly summed up Rabindranath when he said, ‘Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore is an institution in himself. Our lives and philosophy have often found relevance in his compositions that vary and touch almost every shade of human emotions. ‘Baishe Srabon’ is a day very close to the hearts of all Bengalis. 8th of August 2021, the 80th death anniversary of Tagore (‘Baishe Srabon’) is no exception. Bengalis and Indians across the globe offer their prayers to Kobiguru through his compositions.”

Among the glitterati who set the colours and tone of the creative work of Rabindranath Tagore were two stalwarts from Jamshedpur, vocalists Anjan Roy and Bhutnath De who reaffirmed why they are higly regarded both, by connoisseurs and general music lovers as masters in their art. Antara Das regaled the audience with her recitation of the poet’s evergreen composition, ‘Banshiwala’ (the Flutist). Other exponents of Rabindra Sangeet who participated in this international event as tribute to Rabindranath included Saswati Saha from Mumbai on Sitar,  Lalita Sharma from Chennai,  Soma Ray, a faculty at Shantiniketan,  Ranitendranath Tagore from Bangalore who considers Tagore as his eternal friend, Lily Mukherjee from Ranchi, Kakoli Mukherjee from Sydney,  Sonali Nath from Bhopal on Hawaiian Guitar accompanied by her son Abhishek, Anjana Nath from Kolkata, Anjali Chowdhury from the USA, Arundhati Majumdar from Bangalore,  Dr. Soma Sengupta from Delhi, Ananya Islam from Sydney, Sama Akbar from the USA, Kumkum Ganguly from Sydney and Arpan Bose from Kolkata on violin. Shilpa Mitra of Pracheen Kala Kendra provided details of the online programme, ‘Shruti Modhur.’

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