Thursday, October 6, 2022

Intermediate teachers protest against new recruitment at Co-operative College

Jamshedpur: Intermediate teachers today protested fresh requirements at Jamshedpur Co-operative College.

The Jamshedpur Co-operative College had decided to go for interviewing fresh set of teachers for intermediate and all 24 teachers who are already working have been opposing it. The existing teachers who were appointed in February this year have said that would not allow new teachers to work as they are already in service.

” We are amazed to see learn about the process being started fresh appointment. We are yet to receive our salaries and we would continue our jobs without allowing any one to join. We were recruited and appointed by R.K. Das, the former principal.

We have also expressed concerns with the vice-chancellor of Kolhan University, R.P.P. Singh,” said Rakesh Pandey, a Hindi teacher of intermediate at Jamshedpur Co-operative College.

All the 24 teachers have been asked to re-apply but none have done so stating they were already employed. The present principal S.S. Razi stated that their appointment was done in an inappropriate manner by the then principal R.K. Das.

Razi said that the dates have been postponed till further order. “We will organise a meeting tomorrow where all the teachers will assess the situation for a solution to the problem,” said Razi.

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