Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Inner Wheel members hold discussion on �Mobile Etiquette”

Jamshedpur: The members of Inner Wheel Club of Jamshedpur had an interactive discussion on �Mobile Etiquette” in the presence of DLCC Aruna Taneja, PP Pushpinder, PP Pasam, members and prospective members.

Each member participated in the discussion and everyone shared their experiences and viewpoints on how we can effectively use our smartphones in smarter ways. We can�t live without it but it should be effectively used to better our lives. Few suggestions were related to managing our own Inner Wheel Groups, few were applicable in all circumstances.

Aruna explained on how any negative comment has an impact on members� mindset and why such comments should be best avoided in groups. She also explained on how greetings should be conveyed by one representative of the group and how others can wish in personal nos if they want to.

She also explained why Inner Wheel District is putting emphasis on members� computer education and English learning. Since it is part of International organisation, our reports are prepared in English and moreover nowadays, all reports and data are sent through online method and this system will continue in coming days too.
PP Pushpinder and ISO Vinita Shah stressed that there shouldn�t be any religious or politics based forward messages in the group, which may harm others, since our religion is humanity. Members also said when we are in groups, we�ll be happy and no need for sending good morning or good night messages.
Treasurer Shweta Chand suggested how club groups can be managed more effectively if we ensure that all members are in one group and pictures Etc should be shared in single group only.

Prospective members Disha Agrawal and Deepali Dokania shared their experiences on how in corporate world, employers value mobile etiquette and acceptance of that is one of the criteria for bagging the job.
Mrs Dokania said that one shouldn�t have the habit of getting up with first look on the device.

Ranjeeta, Archana, Neena, Sudha and Editor Manju stressed that we must learn to use mobile sensibly in public places. One shouldn�t forward messages just for sake of it or disturb others sitting in a theatre by talking or texting publicly.

President Alakananda said that one must be careful while talking to over phone specially in public places.
The friendly discussion ended with games organised by Alka Garg on Whatsapp Quiz.

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