Saturday, December 9, 2023

Industry and business taking a beating in BJP regime: Raghunath Pandey

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Jamshedpur, Dec 2: Presiding the meeting union chief Raghunath Pandey observed, �Industries and business houses are closing down in the BJP rule. Companies are resorting to block closures to stay afloat in the economic whirlpool while workers are facing starvation. The workers were secure during the Congress regime which also saw a plethora of projects for the welfare of these workers which the present government is out to put an end to.�

While moderating the meeting Aam Mazdoor Union vice president Kamal Kishore Agrawal claimed that workers were being exploited under the BJP government.  �The workers are being made to work for 12 hours in lieu of the stipulated eight hours and to add salt to injury, they are receiving wages for six days a week,� he said.

A huge crowd of workers were present during the meeting. Senior Congress leaders Devika Singh, Rina Singh, Usha Singh, Anand Bihari Dubey, Nattu Jha, Parshuram Mishra, Paritosh Singh, Rakesh Sahu, Gulrez Ansari, Pawan Kumar Tiwary, Vijay Khan, Triveni Prasad, E Satish Kumar, Ashok Singh and Nandlal Singh were also present on the occasion.

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