Saturday, September 30, 2023

Indradev Shastri appointed Pradhan of Arya Samaj

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Jamshedpur, July 5: Indradev Shastri was appointed the Pradhan (Head) of the Arya Samaj Dhurva during the Annual General Meeting cum election held at Dinkar Nagar, Station Road on Sunday, July 5.

The officials were chosen anonymously were Tej Narayan Prasad and Ashutosh Priya Kumar were elected the deputy head of the organization.

The patrons appointed were Sushil Kumar Mishra, Ashik Singh and Prem Verma.

The meeting held under the watchful eyes of Tulsi Kumar Sahu saw Rajkumar Srivatsav being appointed Minister, Shikha Sapna and Jivesh Singh Solanki wwere choosen as the Deputy Ministers.

Prem Vardhan was made the treasurer while 10 other members were included as the members.

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