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Illegal parking fee collection on the rise in Jamshedpur, civic bodies yet to act

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Jamshedpur, July 16 : Parking contractors are extorting wishful amount like Rs 100 or Rs 150 a day from the operators of push-cart vendors in the name of parking charge, along with fooling vehicle owners with excessive parking charges. 

Several hapless motorists across the city end up paying parking fee to these operators. Though the city police have warned people against collection of extra parking fee, such collection by operators seems to be going on unabated.

An employee in a real estate firm, who had parked a motorcycle, was approached by an agent. Flatly refusing to pay any parking fee, he asked the agent to show his identity card. �My office is at Sakchi and whenever I park my vehicle, they demand money. Though I pay, I am clearly displeased with this,� he said.

Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee ( JNAC) team has promised to act against the menace.

“No one has been entrusted with the task of collecting extra parking fee. Those found fleecing vehicle owners will be dealt with tough hand. We are soon starting taking action against offenders,” said an official.

People have been asked to inform the nearest traffic police station if they’re harassed for parking fees. “We’ve put up notices asking vehicle users not to pay those who claim to be parking attendants,” he said.

It has been found that that fee collected ranged between Rs. 10 to 20 per hour for two-wheeler parking and about Rs. 30 per hour for four-wheelers.

Moreover, the parking contractors are not following the rule of not charging any parking fee for the first 15 minutes and tend to charge the parking fee as soon as a vehicle owner park one’s vehicle at the parking lot.

Special officer, JNAC, Krishna Kumar claimed they have included the new areas, like Ambagan ground and Ramlila ground in view of the people’s convenience.

“Though the vehicle owner has to pay Rs 10 for parking a two-wheeler or Rs 20 for parking, but by doing so they are ensuring their vehicles safety.  The parking man concerned will keep an eye on the vehicles constantly,” the special officer said.

Dhalbhum sub-divisional officer, Chandan Kumar under whose office the JNAC function said the administration has received a number of complaints regarding the haphazard parking system introduced in the city recently.

“We will look into not only inclusion of places like Ambagan ground and Ramlila ground, but will also look into exactly how did the civic body increase the parking charge from Rs 5 to Rs 10 at a single go,” said Kumar.

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