Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Iconic Urdu poets to come together for ‘Mushaira’ on Oct 10

Jamshedpur: Famous Urdu poets from all over the country will converge at Dhatkidih Community Centre ground to give music and poetry lovers of Steel City a fun filled evening.

Tata Steel’s Urban services will organize Mushaira evening or poetic symposium on Friday, October 10 were fifteen poets along with four from Jamshedpur of national repute will be a boon for lovers of Urdu verse in the steel city.

Talking about the event, Sanjay, Head, Urban Services said, Rahat Indori from Indore, Jauhar Kanpuri from Kanpur and Sunil Kumar Tang from Siwan will be the show stoppers for the occasion along with other famous artists.

“Our motive behind organizing Mushaira is to bring people from every section of the society together through cultural connect in this fast moving world and in turn give citizens of Jamshedpur a fulfilled and relaxed evening.

We want to take forward the tradition of Mushaira which has been a part of Indian Culture since Mughal era and also to emphasise the fact that even today writers/poets choose Urdu as a medium for their creative expressions”, added Sanjay.

He further informed that denizens of Jamshedpur will witness 15 renowned poets from different parts of the country.

The chief guest for the function will be Suresh Kumar Vice President Shared Services, Tata Steel while Sunil Bhaskaran, Vice President, Corporate Services, Tata Steel will be the guest of honour.

The poets who will be present at the event include Rahat Indori from Indore, Zafar Siddiqui from Patna, Jauhar Kanpuri from Kanpur, Sunil Kumar Tang-Siwan, Azm Shakiri-Etiwah, Khusboo Rampuri-Rampur, Shabeena Adeeb-Kanpur, Khurshid Haider-Muzafernagar, Hashim Firozabadi-Firozabad, Kalim Samar Badayuni-Aligarh, Imran Raquim Nalandavi-Kolkata, Taban Wasti, Nooruzzaman Khan, Dr Afsar Kazmi and Hatim Nawaz from Jamshedpur.

At the press meet Sanjay, Head Urban services, Ravi Shankar Pandey and Hassan Imam were present.

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