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Hottest Feb in a decade; Met officials predict hotter summer


Jamshedpur, Feb. 21: Even before winter could bid a farewell, the season of scorching heat has begun.

For the first time this year, maximum temperatures soared to 36C on Saturday, several degrees above the normal.

Meanwhile, met officials at Jamshedpur have predicted hotter days ahead with no sign of rain before monsoon.

“The way the temperatures have shot up this season we can predict a hotter summer this season. The summer is already upon us and residents are already feeling the heat. The city is experiencing day temperatures of around 35C and more, that too in February,” said a senior official of meteorological department, Sonari.

He said that though it is impossible to predict weather in the long-term, hotter February this season is an indication about the situation during the ensuing summer months.

City may experience hotter days when the storms disrupt sea breeze and delay the onset of monsoon. This results in the temperature soaring above normal.

The official added that the dry westerly and northwesterly winds from Bay of Bengal are making the temperature rise. Temperatures will remain above normal till this weekend at least. Only a sudden downpour can give relief from heat.

It may be noted that the maximum temperature in February this season has increased to about 36.8C, while the temperature during the same period last year ranged between 26C and 32C. Moreover the temperature recorded in city from last ten days has been 33.1C to 36C.

When contacted, Dr. U K Srivastava said that the onset of summer also calls for precautions to protect against the sun.

Last year, about 50 cases of heat stroke were registered at the MGM Hospital. A considerable amount of patients with skin infections and sun burns were also treated. He said that people visiting his clinic with complain of heatstroke and skin infections have increased and patients are complaining blazing weather conditions.

“With this kind of weather, people are finding it difficult to go out during the day time. If the situation is this in February, I would want to escape to the hill stations during the real summer months,” said Rashmi Tondon, an executive in a private bank.

It is time to unpack shades, scarves, umbrellas, sun gears and bid farewell to winters. The temperature of the city has risen by few degrees in past two days. Days have become hotter and nights cooler.

Heat waves and dusty winds swept in the city on Saturday. People chose to remain indoors during day time. Sales of fans and air conditioners are also rising.

Summer fruits like mango have entered the market. “Sudden change in the weather has made it difficult for us to travel during day time. In fact, summer has arrived early this year,” said a commuter.

According to the meteorological department, city never experienced such hot February in the past ten years.

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