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Hope peeps for INCAB Jamshedpur employees as Saryu pursues revival matter with Jharkhand govt

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Ranchi, Sept 13: As a part of Jamshedpur East legislator Saryu Roy’s determined efforts to set the machines rolling again at INCAB industries that has been hibernating over decades due to multi-pronged lethargy and disinclinations at corridors that mattered, a meeting was held today in the Industries Department, Government of Jharkhand, in which the MLA and Secretary, Industries Department, Pooja Singhal and the Director of Industries, to explore various options regarding the company’s revival. Jitendra Kumar Singh was also present on the occasion. Officials said that the state government was very serious in the matter of INCAB’s revival and was ready to intervene, provided a viable alternative came up.

Saryu Roy said that between March, 2020 and September, 2021, he had raised this issue thrice in the state Assembly through calling attention, private resolution and short notice question. “But every time the same type of reply emerged from the government that INCAB was a private company whose case was going on in NCLT and the management of the company had never requested it for a revival package.”

In reference to the Jharkhand Government’s Industrial Policy of 2016 and the recently announced Industry Policy of 2021, Roy said that the Policies had a provision to revive sick industries, provided that the management of the sick company approached the government with a concrete proposal.

As a reminder, the East Jamshedpur Assembly constituency MLA Saryu Roy said, “I myself along with members of the Cable Workers’ Welfare Society, had met the Honorable Chief Minister on March 16, 2020 on this issue and had also submitted representations to state Finance Minister Shri Rameshwar Oraon and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Shri Alamgir Alam. Following these, talks were held at the Chief Secretary level to restore the INCAB industry in the light of Para 6.15.2 of Jharkhand State Industrial Investment Promotion Policy-2016. The Chief Secretary had directed on August 28, 2020 that a detailed report should be sought from the Deputy Commissioner of East Singhbhum in this matter and an order to the effect was sent to the Deputy Commissioner East Singhbhum on 08.08.2020 vide Departmental Letter No.-4/S.B, East Singh.-33/2020-1961/R in light of which, the Deputy Commissioner of East Singhbhum had issued letter no. 247/T.L. A detailed report has been sent to the Government of Jharkhand on 06.07.2021 in which there is an account of the ‘ill health’ of INCAB and those who had a hand in the debacle.”

Saryu Roy further informed that in his report, the Deputy Commissioner had mentioned that the revival of the ailing company and the protection and welfare of its workers appeared to be a policy matter that could be resolved only at the government level.

 The MLA told the Industries Secretary that the report of the Deputy Commissioner and the representation of the INCAB workers were sufficient grounds for the intervention of the NCLT in the matter of INCAB by the Jharkhand Government. It was decided that initiative should be taken at the level of Chief Secretary in this matter and a clear order should be obtained from the government in this matter. Saryu Rai said that he would meet the Chief Secretary on Tuesday, September 14 with a concrete proposal in this regard and would put the matter before him prior to getting the government’s order. (W-gs)

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