Thursday, April 22, 2021

Hope en route

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By Aashima Singh

Our life has been going devastating from March 2020 until now. In this period, some teachers have lost their jobs. Schools have explored new ways of teaching. Online classes have become necessity for us. Award & certificates are also being distributed by schools and other institutions online. Painting & singing competitions for children are being done at digital platform. some students have explored their hidden talent in cooking, writing, singing, painting etc. We also learnt how nature could harm us and can give us a lesson not to mess with it. Even, some have lost their beloved ones.

Online classes are not free from problems. Network problem is big issue. Students are also not paying proper attention towards their study. They don’t afraid from teacher at home. Discipline issue is now mounting day by day. A few students are cheating in examinations. Even some students are taking help of google in classes. Teachers are also not taking pain in improving the situation. Though, such incidents are not good for students, because they will get good marks in exams, but they will not learn much. This will weak their basic knowledge which will harm them in long terms.

Students till 9th class are still doing online classes. However, schools have been opened for those who are appearing in the 10th and 12th examinations, which are going to be conducted in incoming months. However, in some states, schools have still not been opened Those students who are studying below 9th class are still doing online classes.

The month of march is going on. This is important month for all students, because in this month, almost all schools conduct final examination. So, this article is a last call to all the lazy students who are still in hangover of Corona Pandemic and are blaming Corona Virus for every problem. Please awake yourselves, we are about to enter in next grade. That will be more challenging for us. Please do some study, otherwise, you won’t get A+. If you want to get A+ by the help of google, please don’t do this. It will bring temporary happiness to you, but in long term, you will lose understanding of subjects basically math & science. It will also not give you mental peace. You will also be not able to reply your soul.

Friends, there is no need to afraid from exams. If you make good strategy for examination, you can get good marks. For this, you have to learn the topics of syllabus. You will have to write down all important points of topic. It will help you in learning the answers of questions. In math, you will have to practice all the sums. Also seek help from the examples in the textbook and learn all the formulas by heart. In this process, you will have to take 5 minutes break every hour, so that you don’t get exhausted.

Also Keep physical & mental fitness intact. It is very important for fighting with Corona Virus. Those who have good immune system, can easily defeat all kind of Viruses including Covid-19. For maintain fitness, there is no need to go outside of your home. You can keep fit yourselves at home also. You can create space in any of your favourite place at home and do dance or do yoga or even do workout. Dance can also give you mental satisfaction. Proficiency in dance can give you chance to boast about among your friends. Yoga can make your body in lean and thin shape and flexible and it doesn’t want big space. Workout can help you to lose some pounds and gain some muscle. Apart from this, for fitness, you will have to eat green vegetables even if you hate them.

After a lot of study and examination in the academic year, our beloved festival Holi will come on 29th March 2021.  In this festival, you can chill yourself & can also stress off. Alas, in this year too, you cannot enjoy this festival, because corona positive cases are rapidly mounting in Mumbai. Therefore, we will have to stay at home on day of Holi too, but we will not lose hope. We can enjoy Holi at our home also. If you have sibling, you can play Holi with her or him, otherwise we can talk with our friends and help your parents to prepare delicious food. 

In the first week of April 2021, new academic session will start. Whether school will reopen or not will depend on spread level of Corona pandemic. However, it is certain that Parent teaching meeting (PTM) will be conducted either at school premises or on digital platform. I feel, many of my friends have got bored at home in last one year. Now, students have started to like their school instead of home. If school reopens, we can meet our topper, dull and backbencher friends together. We will also meet our beloved teachers. On the other side, if school doesn’t open, we will again miss fun and enjoyments.

We students have been doing online classes for last one year, but it cannot replace physical classes. In online classes, a lot of problem is persisting. If we overlook technical issues too, there are many other issues like problem in understanding of subject, asking questions from teachers, maintaining discipline among students etc. Parents are also not able to monitor performance of their children. Responsibility of Looking after children at home is having with mothers and they have already several works in their hand. Even, they cannot replace teachers because they don’t have teaching skill.

Corono Pandemic has been completed one year in India. We have learnt to live with this. India has developed its own vaccine and is   producing vaccine at bulk level. Even, India is exporting vaccine worldwide and vaccination process across the country is also going on in good pace.

In this backdrop, students are losing their patience, but hope is still alive, because vaccinations process across the country is going on. It seems that negative impact of Corona Pandemic will vanish very soon. Now, it is only aggressive in few states. vaccinations and self-awareness among people will help to bring this pandemic at minimal level shortly.

It seems that schools will reopen in after summer vacation. Thus, the days of doing study with fun at school are on the way. We have to wait a few more days only.

(Author is class 7 student at Ryan International School, Mumbai. She has been a freelance writer for the last two years. The views expressed are personal opinion of the author. She can be reached at


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