Sunday, October 2, 2022

Hooligans get dressing-down from vigilant cops on city streets

Jamshedpur, Oct. 08: City police launched a campaign against hooligans in the city in a bid to ensure peace on the streets during Durga Puja.

Different teams comprising patrolling parties of police stations and static forces caught several youths for overloading, over speeding, eve-teasing, driving under influence of alcohol and causing brawl at puja pandals.

Cops nabbed several youths during checking near Baug-e-Jamsheed School at Sakchi in the evening. Among those caught, many were found drunk while some of them were found over-speeding in congested areas along the Straight Mile Road between Keenan Stadium and Sakchi roundabout. Cops released the youths and their vehicles after issuing them warning against drink-driving and over-speeding a second time.

Police officials said the youths not wearing helmets were also caught and warned against flouting traffic norms. Mobile patrolling teams were asked to keep an eye on trouble-mongers creating disturbance near puja pandals at slightest pretext, they said.

SSP of East Singhbhum Anup T Mathew said the city police department was keeping a close eye on trouble-mongers. CCTV cameras installed at various places across the city will come handy to police in identifying criminals and others flouting the law, he said.

The SSP and other senior police officials are in constant touch with the police control room and various police stations to keep tab on offenders. This will ensure a safe puja for one and all, officials said.

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