Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Hindi Drama Festival kicks-off at DBMS

Jamshedpur : DBMS schools are staging Hindi plays as a part of Natya Manchan a Hindi Drama Festival. On Wednesday two plays were staged namely �Kho-Kho� by the students of D. B. M. S. English School and Beti Nahin Toh Bahu Kahan Se Laoge by the D. B. M. S. Career Academy.

The chief guest for the evening was Ruchi Narendran, Managing Trustee of the JEM Foundation.The chairperson of D. B. M. S., Bhanumathi Neelakantan, Jt. Chairpersons, B. Chandrashekhar and Lalitha Chandrashekhar, Vice-Chairperson, Sudha Swamy, Managing Committee members of all the units of D. B. M. S., Principals, Parents, Students and Teachers were present to encourage the students.

This drama festival was the brain child of the chairperson, Bhanumathi Neelakantan who always feels that the latent talent in the students should be tapped.

Kho-Kho deals with anger. An angry man has no control over his emotions and always takes out his anger and frustration on other people.

In this way anger moves from one person to another in a chain reaction just like in the game of Kho-Kho. The students of D. B. M. S. English School have attempted to show the consequences of anger through this modern play with subtle hints on anger management.

D. B. M. S. Career Academy staged a Hindi Play �Beti Nahin to Bahu Kahan Se Laoge�. Killing of a girl child either in the womb or as an infant is a burning issue and this theme forms the main subject of the play.

The students have tried to sensitize people towards the ill effects of this practice.

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