Sunday, October 17, 2021

Hill Top School opens ‘Wall of kindness’ to help the needy & poor

Jamshedpur: The Wall of Kindness was pioneered outside the gate of Hill Top School on Saturday morning.

The initiative is conceived by the students of class 9 of the school with the support of the support of MRA (Moral Rearmament) to help the needy and poor.
The boundary wall of the school near the Gate was painted and well decorated with wall hooks fastened on it. The wall is named ‘Wall of Kindness’ or ‘Neki ki Deewar’.

Students of class 9 joined this initiative by hanging clothes in good condition on the Kindness Wall which was inaugurated by Chandeshwar Khan, Dr. Amit Mukherjee and Salil Roy in presence of the school principal Puneeta B. Chouhan.

Bringing people closer to each other, the school is reaching out to the needy who can pick up donated items of their use from the spot.

“This is a noble idea to not only help poor and homeless provide clothes, footwear, utensils, discarded toys but also inculcate values of compassion, kindness and consideration among students,” said Rahul Shukla, a parent.

The initiative has a theme- ‘Leave behind what you don’t need for those who need…
pick up what you need, in case it helps you’.

The Wall of Kindness or ‘Neki ki Deewar’ is a concept in which hooks or hangers are put up on a wall designated for the purpose and people leave clothes for the needy.

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