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Hill Top School hosts multi faith prayers to promote respect for all religions

Jamshedpur, June 30: The only truth relevant in this Universe is the presence of one God. To instill this in students, a series of Multi Faith Prayers was organised at Hill Top School, to promote among the young minds, respect for all religions and to reiterate the faith that all religions lead to the one supreme power.

The first of this series was a prayer service by the Sikh priests Sardar Sukhdev Singh Khalsa, Head Granthi of Telco Gurudwara Sahib, supported by his team comprising Sardar Dharam Singh, Sardar Kashmira Singh and Sardar Rajender Singh.

The Kirtan were followed by Ardaas, an invocation to the Almighty for the peace and well being of all at Hill Top School.

Second in the series were prayers of Islamic faith on 22nd June.

Hafiz Qari Mustafa Raza read out excerpts from the Holy Quran which was then translated into Hindi by Maulana Mohammed Sajid Ali, the message being loud and clear that God is One.

This was followed by ‘Dua’ for the entire School.

On 23rd June, Brahma Kumari Anju, supported by Mrs. Jaya, blessed the school with their presence.
They initiated the students to the various stages of Meditation to discover the self as meditation is a journey inwards.

The series of the Multi Faith Prayers concluded on 28th June with a reading from the Holy Bible by Father Peter Fernandes, Dominician Priest, a spiritual leader, after which he explained the message of the Bible – to love all unconditionally.

The serenity of the atmosphere was heightened by the mellifluous hymns sung by the Hill Top School Choir.
Such Multi Faith Prayers series provide an occasion and a safe environment to build and nurture respect for all religions and promote an appreciation of common ethical values.

This series of prayer services was received by each one at Hill Top with enthusiasm and fervour.

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