Monday, October 25, 2021

Higher holding tax rates from April

Jamshedpur, Feb. 13: If everything goes as planned the district administration will increase holding tax from April.

Though new rates of holding tax are yet to be finalized, the local administration has started process for determining new rates.

The special officers of Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee (JNAC), Mango Notified Area Committee (MNAC) and Jugsalai Municipality, the three local urban civic bodies are involved in the exercise. This means the owners of commercial and residential properties will have to pay more.

Sources informed that as part of the homework, Dhalbhum sub-divisional office, under which all the three civic bodies function, had in the month of December conducted a survey of residential and commercial buildings.

In areas that come under the jurisdiction of the JNAC, three standard residential and commercial buildings had been identified from three principal roads.

The roads which had been selected for the purpose are Kalimati Road in Sakchi, Kadma-Ulyan Road in Kadma and Baridih-Birsanagar Road in Baridih. Three buildings of various types like concrete, asbestos or traditional from each of the roads had been referred to in the survey by the JNAC.

Dhalbhum SDO, Suraj Kumar said that the survey for determining the rate of holding tax had been done by his predecessor Alok Kumar in December and the special officers of JNAC, MNAC and Jugsalai Municipality had already submitted their survey report.

“We are getting the survey reports verified. Once the verification is done we will convene a meeting of the special officers of the three civic bodies and also the stake-holders sometime next month for determining the new rate of the holding tax so that it could be implemented form April 1,” said Kumar.

In last one year the district administration has received several complaints, concerning poor facilities in the flats, against the builders.

Irregular electricity and water supply are the two major problems among others that are confronting the residents of the buildings.

Situation is rampant in almost all of the residential apartments in Jugsalai, Mango and Parsudih that cropped up in last few years with the increase in property rates.

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