Saturday, September 30, 2023

Gua Mines give financial aid to mahila samity

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Noamundi : Gua Sail Mines gave financial aid to the members of Mahila Samity �Asha� to promote Handloom Industry in nearby villages of Gua Sail under CSR on Thursday .

The cheue Payment was given way to the members by the Mahila Samity President Lali Verma . Mahila Samity president said: Asha Kendra has taken the initiative to support the village women. The women can work even after finishing their domestic work. They are paid money for the daily wages.

As many as 26 women were given financial help. The Gua Sail Mines has sponsored the Handloom industry with the help of Jharcraft Ranchi. The Jharcraft Ranchi trains the women to make candle, Incense�s Sticks and weaving Cloths. Finished products are purchased by Jharcraft Ranchi .

The profit of the industry is distributed among the women. On the occasion Lali Varma, Geeta Devangan, Prabhat Biswas, Shanti Devi, Suchi, Sushila ,Amrita Jojo , Divya Barjo including many outfit members were present.

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