Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Govt failed to control unemployment and poverty: Dr Ajoy

Jamshedpur: Congress National Spokesperson and former Jamshedpur MP Dr Ajoy Kumar has said that currently every person in India is struggling to fight this pandemic, many people have spent all their savings on huge medical bills. And the central government instead of supporting our people, especially our middle class and poor class, is busy raising the prices of petrol, edible oil, and cooking gas. On the other hand the BJP government has also failed to control unemployment, poverty.

He further said that during Congress rule more than 27 crore poor were brought out of poverty line but today BJP government has again sent 25 crore people below poverty line and it is surprising that there are 3 crore middle class people in India. The class people, who constitute 40% of the total middle class population, became poor. About 10 crore people have become unemployed. He said that this government has no sympathy for the people of India and is engaged in shining its image every day.

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