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Give back to nature what has been robbed to ensure life: Seminar at Jamshedpur’s Srinath College


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Jamshedpur, June 5: World Environment Day was observed at Srinath College of Education in Adityapur during which students planted saplings of a variety of plants and trees and then participated in an online discussion suggesting and discussing various ways in which to save planet earth by refurbishing nature’s dwindling glory and giving her back the green to ensure that life goes on uninterrupted.

Participants in the discussion held on Zoom App discussed several options including one coming from a senior student who opined, “We should develop a sense of belonging with the plants. The emotional attachment should be there just as that of parents and children. A mother or a father will never think of harming a child but ensure that the offspring is not hurt or harmed. If a plant is tended to in that manner, the time is not far when the green will return with loads of health and oxygen. It was a shortage of oxygen that snatched away precious lives during the pandemic. if mankind had cared for trees and forests, perhaps, killer COVID would have remained an unknown quantity.”

Similar and practical ideas came to the fore during the discussions in which students of B Ed and D El Ed elicited applause from students and faculty. One B Ed student said, “just imagine when nature provided us with bounteous oxygen and other vital forms of life sustenance, man gasped due to shortage of oxygen which was available to a comparative few at a price. We should individual question ourselves and jointly move against deforestation.”

Chairman Sukhdev Mahto, whose concern for the environment speaks through the amiable surroundings of the institutional campus stated, “Mankind has been irresponsible, shortsighted and irrational as it is on a virtual rampage to denude the forests and rob nature of its means to support life of ours. It is high time to give back to nature what has been robbed from her to ensure that life continues on earth.”

All participants, including faculty members and students took a pledge to plant, protect and nurture trees. College Secretary, Gurudev Mahto congratulated the students for their innovative ideas and asked them to plant a sapling each year and nurture what they planted.

The online session was anchored by NSS In-charge Binay Singh Sandilya. Plantation Cell In-charge Eva Shipra Mundu was also present in the session and provided her sustainable inputs. The oath was read out by Rachna Rashmi while the vote of thanks was offered by Madhu Sharma.

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