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Girls over 10 years of age not to be worshipped for Kumari Puja: Acharya Vijay Prakash Maharaj

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Jamshedpur, Dec 31: Under the aegis of Srividya Shakti Sarvaswam of Chennai and with the blessings of Shrimata Lalitambika Rajrajeshwari Tripursundari on the third day today of the nine-day Shri Amba Yagna Nav Kundatmak Sahastrachandi Mahayagna and Srimad Devi Bhagwat Katha Gyan Yagna, narrator Acharya Vijay Prakash Maharaj stated broadly discussed chapters from the Vedic scripture on Navratri, Kumari Pujan, Shri Ram Charitra and Shri Krishna Janmotsav. He described the rituals to be practiced while performing Kumari Puja. He explained, �A two year old girl is Kumari, Trimurti when three years of age, Kalyani at four years, Rohini at age five, at six years she is worshipped as Kalika, at seven years as Chandika, at eight years as Shamyavi, as Durga when nine years old while a ten year old girl is worshipped as Subhadra. Girls over the age of 10 years should not be worshipped.�

While eulogizing Mother Bhagwati, the Acharya said that Sharat and Basant seasons bode ill for mankind as during these times there was illness all around and to avoid the ill effects people should devoutly perform Chandi Puja.

While on the episodes of Ram Charitra and Krishna Janmotsav, Acharya Vijay Prakash Maharaj observed, �We are fortunate to be born in a land where Ram and Shyam (Lord Shri Krishna) descended on earth to provide salvation to humanity. In order to become the embodiment of Man, he had to encounter rigorous hurdles in his 14 years of banishment to the forest by his father King Dashrath. The Lord obeyed the will of his father and reverently accepted it. He gave up the pleasures of wealth and affluence to lead a frugal life in which He encountered many dangers but came out as an ordained Man.�

His discourse on Shri Krishna�s several aspects enthralled the devotees. On the third day too 31 hosts performed the rituals of Yagna. On Tuesday, December 31, the holy discussions will be based on Shri Krishna Katha, the birth of Mahishasur and the Devi�s manifestation.

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