Thursday, December 7, 2023

Girl jumps off Adityapur Bridge after tiff with lover

Jamshedpur: A 22-year-old girl, Anjali Gupta, jumped into Kharkai river from the Adityapur old bridge Thursday afternoon in front of her alleged paramour. She was swept away by the stream as her paramour made abortive efforts to save her. Police are yet to find out whether the girl is alive or not.

Police said the girl is a resident of Mango and a teacher of a local play school. They said they were searching for the girl in the nearby areas along the stream with the help of local divers.

A scooty and a pair of slippers were found on the bridge near the railing from where the girl jumped off. Cops seized the scooty and the slippers and also took in custody the girl�s alleged lover, identified as Ashutosh Mukerjee, in custody for interrogation.

An eyewitness, who prayed not be quoted, said that it was about 2 pm, when the girl came to the Kharkai bridge by riding her scooty , followed by a car driven by her alleged lover, identified as Ashutosh Mukerjee. Soon after parking the vehicle, the girl climbed the railing of the bridge and jumped into the river, sources said.

Eyewitness said the girl was moving toward the railing, the man who was following her was shouting loudly, asking the girl not to jump. But by the time the man came closer to the railing, the girl had already taken the plunge.
Mukerjee soon informed Adityapur police about the incident. Police soon inspected the bridge and took the help of local divers for finding the girl.

According to police, the girl, daughter of Gopal Gupta, jumped into the river after an altercation with her alleged lover over.

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