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Gentle and permanent restoration of health: Homeopathy

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By Dr. Aman Pathania

The word homeopathy has been originated from a Greek word “homos” which means like and “pathos” which means suffering. Homeopathy is a natural, fruitful and gentle alternative form of treatment founded by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician. The main principle of homeopathy is “like cures like” which simply means any substance which has the capability to produce symptoms in a healthy person, can cure similar symptoms in an unhealthy or sick person. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), homeopathy is the second most widely used form of medicine in health care in the world today and it is one of the most popular medical systems in India under Department of AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy) health services. The homeopathic medicines are prepared from wide range of natural(herbs) substances, due to this homeopathic medicines is safe, and their is no side-effects.

Worldwide popularity

In India, over 109 million people depend on homeopathy for health problems. Homeopathy is being practiced in over 100 countries including the India, Asia, Africa, all over Europe and United States. Homeopathy is also practiced with good support from the government in countries like Asian countries, UAE,  and in many Middle Eastern countries.

Even, the research has shown its effectiveness in the treatment of chronic and recurring diseases such as allergies, asthma,  autoimmune diseases(hypothyroidism and rheumatoid arthritis), skin diseases, migraine,  joints complaints , mental disorders (autism,depression and anxiety). Today we are living in 21st century where the world is progressing in every field like medical advancement, technology, artificial intelligence, education and also homeopathic system of medicine is progressing, but at a slower pace. Number of homeopathic doctors are increasing per year, but support of government towards homeopathy is lacking somewhere. The main reason for the declining level of homeopathy, is the lack of awareness of homeopathy among the people and the inequality of our government towards homeopathy practitioners. By keeping the concept of homeopathy in mind “World Homeopathic Day” or “Red Letter Day” is celebrated on 10th April every year, on the occasion of Dr. Hahnemann’s birthday. The main objectives behind observing world homeopathy day is to promote awareness regarding homeopathy to everyone , enhancing the scope of homoeopathy in public health all over the world and to provide homeopathy healthcare services. On the occasion of this day many public events such as free lectures, free homeopathy clinic visits, volunteer first-aid at events, workshops, media interviews, posts on social media are organized all around the world. And the main motto of these events is to consider the complexities of practicing homeopathy and plan future door.

During the period of COVID-19, when whole of the world was trying to find the vaccine, preventive homeopathic medicines were proven to be an effective support. Even till today, homeopathy has shown wonderful and miraculous result in cases of COVID-19. Department of AYUSH also advised to take certain homeopathic medicines as a prophylaxis.

Benefits of Homeopathy

Homeopathy is scientific in nature, gentle, safe, rapid and permanent method of treatment.

Homeopathy treats the disease condition from its roots. Homeopathy heals the patient from within, it does not suppress or treat outwardly.

Homeopathy can be used in different ages of age groups.

Homeopathy is safer in children, infants, pregnant women, and old persons.

Homeopathy is not against surgery but there are number of diseases that are labeled as ‘surgical’, where homeopathy works curatively and can avoid surgery. For example: recurrent tonsillitis, ovarian cysts(PCOD), piles, fissure-in-ano, vocal cord nodules, chronic ear discharges, uterine fibroid, warts and corns etc.

Homeopathy is safe and free from side-effects.

Certain homeopathic medicines help in boosting immunity.

There are no steroids medicines in homeopathy which can affect the health.

Homeopathy prevents the re-occurrence of the disease.

Homeopathy prevents the progression of autoimmune diseases such as hypothyroidism and rheumatoid arthritis.

Homeopathy in case of Allergic diseases

In modern era, various allergic diseases have grown widespread. Homeopathy offers very effective treatment for allergic diseases such as various respiratory problems like Asthma and Allergic Bronchitis as well as gives unbelievably unaccountable sequel in skin diseases like urticaria, eczema, contact dermatitis.

Homeopathy- not a last option

To get maximum benefits from homeopathic science, one should start taking homeopathy in the early phase or beginning of  the sickness. Because of ignorance and lack of awareness in the general public about the utility of homeopathy in all kinds of diseases vary from Cough to Cancer, and many patients come close towards the homeopathy  late. By the time people generally resort to homeopathy, the disease usually advances to an incurable stage. Although, timely given homeopathic treatment could be a blessing to the ailing humanity.

Homeopathy: Supreme for Infants and Children

Homeopathy works wonderfully in cases of infants and children. The most commonly seen complaints of children like low immunity, Cold, Cough, Allergies, Vomiting, Fever, Diarrhea, Dysentery, Abdominal pain, Adenoids, Tonsillitis, Bronchitis, Asthma etc., could be very quickly and effectively  treated with homeopathy without producing any side – effects. Children take homeopathic medicines willingly because it is sweet in taste. Indeed, homeopathy is child-friendly! Besides, the homeopathy is also effective in  behavioral and temperament problems(mostly seen in children) like temper-tantrums, destructiveness,  irritability, bed-wetting, fears, obstinacy and thumb- sucking, nail-biting.

Homeopathy and its limitation

Every branch of medical science  has its own limitations, where it fails to work,  same goes with homeopathy. Every homeopath should be aware of  the limitation homeopathic medicines have in cases like surgery, accidental cases, genetic disorders, poisoning, advanced stages of cancer. A doctor should always give proper advice and guidance to the patients regarding his/her diseased condition and limitation of their pathy, to save life of the diseased person.

One of the major limitation of homeopathy is a “homeopath” itself.  It is not the homeopathy that fails, homeopath itself fails. Many unqualified and unprofessional homeopaths are harming the status of homeopathy and also producing obstacles in the growth and progress of homeopathy in the society. Such homeopaths being unaware of complete laws and principles of homeopathy, blames homeopathic system of medicine, if homeopathy doesn’t work in any case.

In our country, we can enhance the status of homeopathy by government and energetic public support only, to make our nation healthy and disease- free.

Homeopathy is a boon and it can actually do wonders in many helpless and mismanaged cases. It is a natural gift of the nature. HAVE FAITH!!

(Author is Homeopathic Physician. The views expressed are personal opinion of the author. He can be reached at

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