Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Geeta Koda inaugurates RCPP computer center in Badajamda


Noamundi, April 1: Jagannathpur MLA Geeta Koda inaugurated the RCPP computer center at Badajmda on Saturday.

In her speech, Geeta Koda said that the computer education is of utmost important in this era and we must encourage our children to learn computer from the centers as it provides free computer teaching.

The principal of the center Ranjan Sahu said that total of 150 students would be provided free computer education at the center.

Sahu informed that total of 360 computer centers are being running across the state and we hope to open 1000 centers across Jharkhand for free computer education.

Present on the occasion were Shekhar Sahu, Anchal Tiu, Manoj Agarwal, Ganesh Chandra Sahu and others.

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