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Garbage and waste continue to spill and lay unattended

Jamshedpur, June 6: The hot and humid weather in the city has not only made life difficult but has also increased the woes of the people. According to experts the unattended filth and garbage spread all over are some of the major reasons that have led to the breeding of mosquitoes. �

In most cases, the garbage and waste is overflowing for days as the concerned staff do not bother to remove it through the waste lifters. Areas like Jugsalai, Baghbera, Pursudih, Marine Drive, Sundernagar are worst hit.

�Heaps of garbage and filth lie unattended in our locality but there is no one to listen. A drain is over flowing nearby our complex though I went to lodge a complained at Jugsalai Municipality but despite assurances the situation remains the same.

The stink and unhygienic atmosphere bothers commuters, especially pedestrians using footpaths along the roads. People inhale these particles and fell victim to various infectious diseases,� noted Mahesh Sharma of Jugsalai.
Moreover areas like Birsangar, Baridih Bustee, Carriage Colony and at certain places in Govindpur where people live in bustees in a great number drainage or sewerage system have gone hay wire.

Though all the civic bodies in the city are regularly convening meetings to counter the viral attack in the city but the heaps of garbage lying unattended, dumped on roads or overflowing from garbage containers are serving as breeding grounds for the phenomenal growth of mosquitoes causing dengue virus through out the city.

Special JNAC (Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee) officer Dipak Sahay, claimed that the situation is under control and steps are being taken to clean the localities. However he accepted that lack of awareness among people is a major hurdle in controlling the virus.

Sources said that initially the fumigation campaign included the insecticide spray in all the areas under Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee, Mango Notified Area Committee and Jugsalai Municipality with focus on those sensitive localities with more viral and dengue cases.

An official of Jugsalai Municipality on the condition of anonymity said that lack of adequate manpower and infrastructure are posing hurdle.

�In most of the localities, there are temples. After mass feast leftover food are dumped in public place. It has become a regular affair. With limited workers’ strength, we are not able to pay attention to every corner,� he noted.

Bhahadur Mardi a resident of Sundernagar opined �Dengue is a mosquito-borne infection. The Dengue viruses are transmitted to humans through the bites of infective female Aedes mosquitoes which have good concentration in municipal areas.

If preventive steps are not taken in time, the spread could acquire dangerous proportion,�
City based Dr U K Srivastava said cleanliness is the need of the hour.

“We need to understand that mosquitoes that carry the virus of dengue do not come from outside, rather they generate from the household things like flower-pots, coolers water, rejected tyre kept on the roof top or in the corner of the garden. �So we must ensure that there is no such place where water is stagnant for sometime�.

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