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Gang war again raises its nasty head, 7 injured in Jamshedpur clash

Mail News Service

Jamshedpur, April 30: In the midst of lockdown with people reeling under the deadly threat of COVID � 19 and still coming to terms with the shady incidents at Hotel Alcor, the spurt in crime graph jolted the peace loving citizens of Jamshedpur with another reemergence of gang war, this time the venue being the DAV School vicinity near Patel Nagar under Sitaramdera police station that occurred at 11 pm on Wednesday night.

Kanhaiya Singh, a gangster Akhilesh Singh loyalist, Somnath Singh, Sonu Singh, Sachin, Vikram Singh, Anshu Chauhan and Rajkumar Singh all received gunshot wounds. According to reports, Kanhaiya Singh was hit on the shoulder and he and the injured reached Tata main Hospital for treatment. By the time the police reached the spot, only Sachin was found lying on the ground and was taken by the police to TMH where is condition is stated to be serious.

The inter gang rivalry of Wednesday night is reported to be differences between supporters of Akhilesh Singh who has many charges leveled against him and who has been kept in the Dumka Jail and his detractors of whom Sudhir Dubey was the gangster�s one time henchman now turned dissident.

The involvement of Sudhir Dubey in the shootout incident of 11 pm last night is being taken as a possibility. Sudhir Dubey, Suraj, rajiv Ram, Raja and Kallu Rai are suspected to have fired the shots at Kanhaiya Singh and his men. Kallu Rai stays in a rented house in Nitibagh Colony while Kanhaiya Singh is a resident of Pradhan Tola in Bagbera. Anshu Chauhan is Kanhaiya Singh�s nephew and Somnath Singh his brother.

According to reports, Kallu Rai used to threaten Kanhaiya Singh of Akhilesh Singh�s gang.

Kanhaiya Singh had threatened Kallu Rai on WhatsApp. The dispute between the two then turned telephonic.  Kallu with his gang mates went to Kanhiya�s house to end the dispute with a bloody intent. It may be mentioned that a few days before Kallu�s visit Kanhaiya and Sudhir Dubey were released from jail. Sudhir Dubey hails from Dhakaich in Buxar district. Kanhaiya Singh and Sudhir Dubey were one time friends.

Gangster Akhilesh Singh has been lodged in Dumka Jail since 2017. He is accused in several cases. Sudhir Dubey, a one time Akhilesh loyalist in his plan to eliminate his one time gang leader purchased a sophisticated weapon from Nagaland. This information was revealed by another gangster Sujit Sinha currently in Ghagidih Central Jail during interrogation by Parsudih police.

The police are now faced with the gang war poser that has once again raised its ugly head to disturb the otherwise peaceful condition prevailing in the city. The gang war incident of Wednesday night comes on the heels of SSP Anoop Birtharay�s transfer order.

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