Monday, October 18, 2021

Food fiesta adds to festive cheer in Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur, Oct 13: Any Bengali festival is incomplete without good food and Durga Puja, truly, is the time for enjoying some wonderful delicacies. Imagine having melt-in-the-mouth dishes at the back drop of Rabindra Sangeet in serene atmosphere. 
Hotel officials said that in Jamshedpur, Durga Puja is just not a festival of a particular community but people of every community celebrate it with zeal. This is the reason why people from every age group participate in the festival. They have all decided to dole out varieties of delicacies for the occasion. A range of preparations like kosa maangsho, kasa murgi, dhokar dalna and desserts like kamala bhog, rosogolla and payesh keeping the festival menu simple.
“ I look forward to celebrate Durga Puja at my hometown. I relish the traditional food of my city the most. As far as the dishes are concerned, they are simply mouth-watering during the festive season. I would love dine during the Durga Puja “, said Koyal Ghosh, a private banker based in Pune. Hotels are stocked with Bengali specialties like sandesh, mishit doi, langcha and rasgullas for the busiest week of the year. 
“During Durga Puja, not just Bengalis, but the entire city gorges on traditional Bengali mithaai. It is like celebrating Diwali twice a year,” said a hotel official.
While Bengalis welcome the Goddess Durga with homemade sweets and traditional dishes, other sweet shops across the city are tuning their flavours to match the Bengali festival. Some are even offering as many as 15 to 20 different varieties of Bengali sweets.
Bengalis are important part of city’s rich culture. The arrival of the community in the city dates back with the establishment of the Steel Plant in 1907. What is unique is that it also is a community that has a strong cultural focus. This is best manifested through the celebration of various Bengali festivals. It is said in mirth that there are 12 months and 13 Bengali festivals and true to that spirit, the Bengali community has been rallying around these festivals to live through its strong culture of music, dance, visual arts and of course food.
 “No celebration in a Bengali home can be complete without the mouthwatering dishes and sweets. The aroma of deliciously prepared delicacies added up to the festive mood. Life is incomplete without culture especially for the Bengali speaking community and so, this is a getaway from the mundane life to enjoy your new year,” said Joy Banerjee, a social activist.
The day starts on a ritualistic note. Members of all Bengali families woke up before dawn to offer prayers to Goddess Durga for the well-being of one and all. “We pray for the wellbeing of society,” said Mitali Dey, a student.
Several hotels are offering the extravaganza with buffet. Besides exotic Gujarati and Bengali dishes, a combination buffet of Continental, Indian and Chinese cuisines would be served during the pujas.

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