Tuesday, September 26, 2023

FIR to be lodged against Bihar Sponge Iron for not depositing PF

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Jamshedpur: Additional commissioner of Central Provident Fund for Bihar and Jharkhand, Vijay Pal Singh, here on Saturday ordered lodging of an FIR against the management of Bihar Sponge Iron company for not depositing the PF money of its employees.

Addressing a press conference at the Mango PF Office, the additional commissioner said the company had not deposited the PF amount deducted from the salaries of around 250 employees from March 2014, which is a serious offence. He said the PF account of M/S Tayo Rolls Limited was also on.

Singh said he had sought information about PF accounts and pension scheme from Tata Steel officer Parth Basu and Tata Motors officer GS Ahuja. �So far none of the companies has given information on the number of contractors working in the companies and the number of employees working under them. We have sought a report on the PF account and pension scheme,� said Singh.

The additional commissioner said a review of claims and disposal status of Employees Provident Fund members revealed that every month, 8000 to 10,000 employees make the claims. From August to September, 80 per cent of the claims were disposed in less than three days by the Jamshedpur Office, he said.

Singh said there 14 institutions under the Jamshedpur PF Office that had been given permission to create PF Trust. The maintenance of their accounts, however, is controlled by the PF officials so that contributions are deposited in the PF account and claims are disposed from time to time.

The regional PF commissioner Ashok Kumar was also present on the occasion.

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