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Film Institute of Jamshedpur inaugurated

Film making to post production under one roof

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Jamshedpur, August 29: The Bard, William Shakespeare had philosophized in his classic, Julius Caesar, “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,

But in ourselves, that we are underlings.”

For long, there has been a trend of ambitious artistes bitten by the performing bug making a blind dash to the several tinsel towns to make it big and bask in the glory of stardom. Some click bust most fail and return empty handed and disillusioned. But the dark clouds of uncertainty could melt, possibly, for those intent on pursuing careers in celluloid and TV acting (not forgetting the current craze of OTT platforms), direction, script, dialogue and screenplay writing and the gamut of other technical aspects with the launch of the ambitious Film Institute of Jamshedpur at Horizon Mall in Pardih, Mango. The Film Institute was inaugurated by Chief Guest, the former President of Singhbhum Chamber of Commerce and Industry and current National Secretary of CAIT, Suresh Sonthalia to give wings to several aspirations in the various segments of the cinematic media.

Bollywood actor, writer and director Mohammad Habib will hone skills of city artistes nurturing tinsel dreams. Chief Guest, Suresh Sonthalia observed in his inaugural address, “The launch of Film Institute of Jamshedpur will auger well for the budding talents of our city to learn the skills and technicalities under the wings of an experienced artiste like Md Habib. I am sure that many talents will be unearthed as this Institute moves ahead.”

Actor and film editor Masroor Siddique said that along with dubbing and editing, complete post production facilities will be available at Celebration Studio. “Jamshedpur’s filmmakers and those from other places will be facilitated with all post production work under one roof at Celebration Studio,” Masroor informed.

Md Habib stated, “The specialty of Film Institute of Jamshedpur will be its practical training for students that will mostly be done on camera. Acting in front of the camera will enable them to get acquainted with the nuances of cinema acting as well as dubbing.” Classes for the first batch of students for acting will commence from Monday, September 5.

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