Sunday, June 13, 2021

Feel proud in speaking Hindi: Raghubar Das

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Ranchi, Sept 14: Chief Minister Raghubar Das said that professionals from different spheres of life should feel proud in adhering & doing their business in mother tongue Hindi. They should not feel awkward in dispensing their work in Hindi.

The moment they stick fast to it, condition will change. He said it while addressing Hindi Diwas Samaroh conducted by Personnel, Administrative Reforms & Rajbhasha Department at Sri Krishna Institute of Public Administration.

Referring to the various drawbacks in the development of Hindi as pointed by many speakers, he said that Hindi is an integral part of our identity & integrity. This is why Mahatma Gandhi & Netaji adopted Hindi in the freedom struggle. Hence, everybody should be proud to be a Hindi speaker.

The Chief Minister said that we should welcome & respect all languages we have inherited from someone. But as mother tongue is closest to the heart, we revere it. So in order to provide all information related with education & employment, we are planning to disseminate all information in Hindi.

He said that the bent towards English grew amazingly in the age of economic liberalization & global marketing in the nineties. Now-a-days, even poor country focuses on English teaching & speaking. But this condition will change.

He said that language cannot be imposed; it has to be cultured. Therefore, the govt. has decided to correspond in Hindi only. He said that the Govt.’s decision shouldn’t be mistaken to be discouraging for other local & regional languages. After Hon’ble Atal Bihari Bajpayee PM Mr.Narendra Modi’s address in UNO reveals what the Govt. thinks about Hindi.
Referring to the Hindi Conference in Bhopal, the CM said that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that only three languages i.e. Chinese, English & Hindi- will prevail in the world in the coming days. To ensure this, Hindi too, will have to strengthen its grip in digitalization. Today even Google has to accept Devnagari.

The CM suggested the bureaucrats, staff & people to change their mental set up towards Hindi & do their work in Hindi; at the same time, no language of the state should be neglected. He appealed to the staff to communicate with people in their language.

GM, SKIPA Sudhir Prasad said that local & regional languages should be connected with Hindi. Educationist Mr. B. C. Nirmal said that Hindi which has been victimized by globalization, needs to be saved. In his turn, journalist Sriniwas said that development of Hindi is connected with our strengthening.

Ashok Priyadarshi, Ramesh Sharan, Shishir Tudu & Dr. Mithilesh & other speakers put up their views.

On this occasion, Ranchi MP Ramtahal Choudhary & other administrative officers were present.

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