Sunday, June 13, 2021

Feel ashamed of being human: Akshay on Bengaluru molestations

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Mumbai, Jan 5 (IANS) Actor Akshay Kumar on Thursday said he feels “ashamed” of being called a human, after the molestation of a young woman on New Year’s Ever in Bengaluru.

The incident caught the nation’s attention after a video footage captured by a CCTV camera went viral. A resident of the area had had installed the CCTV camera at his house, which showed the molestation in vivid details. The footage was given to the police.

Akshay condemned the incident in a video he posted on Twitter on Thursday.

He said: “Today I am feeling ashamed of being a human. I came from a small family holiday from Capetown and wished all a Happy New Year. While walking through airport, I was carrying my daughter in my arms and suddenly saw a news on TV showing people’s molestation act (in Bengaluru).”

“After watching that, I don’t know how you all felt but I have lost my temper… I will say that a society which can’t respect its women, has no right to call itself a human society.”

Akshay said the “worst part” is how few people are justifying this molestation.

“Why she donned less clothes? Why she went outside in night? Such people should feel ashamed. It’s not the girls’ clothes, it’s your mentality that is short,” he said.

Akshay even gave advice to girls and asked them to “not feel weaker than boys”.

“You are capable of ensuring your own safety. There are so many small tricks in martial arts to stop such people. Nobody will have the guts to even touch you. You don’t have to worry, you are not less than anyone. Stay alert and learn self-defence,” he added.

In the molestation case, four people have been arrested in Bengaluru, the police said.

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