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Fasting devotees take first sip of water on conclusion of Chhath Puja in Saraikela

Spirituality prevails over muddy roads, rains, faltering power supply

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Saraikela, Nov 21: Cloudy conditions, drizzle and rain, muddy roads and power supply playing truant most of the time on Friday and Saturday did not deter the faith of Chhath devotees especially those who had observed fast without water for 36 hours as they were immersed in piety egged on by Chhath songs to visit the river banks reserved for the occasion and perform the rituals that included prayers to the Astachalgami Surya (setting sun) and on early Saturday morning to Udiyaman Surya (rising sun).

The district administration and the Saraikela Nagar Panchayat had made all safety arrangements on the river banks in Saraikela and Sini as devotees thronged the Chhat Ghats at Kudarsai, Shamshan Kali, Majna Pul and Jagannath Mandir and Raja Talab and Pappu Talab in Sini.

Police and Seva Dakl personnel ensured safety and convenience to Chhat devotees at the various ghats in spite of inclement weather where thick cloud covers compelled Lord Bhaskar (Sun) to play hide and seek on both days, Friday evening and Saturday morning in spite of which the faith and resilience of devotees prevailed.

Old timers said that in their living memory, they had never experienced such inclement weather conditions during Chhath Puja. Even power supply, which till late evening on Saturday was provided for an average of four hours over the two days of Chhath Parv did not peeve devotees and those who had maintained fast as they were immersed in spirituality as such occasions cast.

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