Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Every citizen deserves all the rights: SR Nag

Jamshedpur, Dec 9: On the eve of Human Rights Day held every year on December 10, members of Jharkhand Council for Democratic Rights along with its Convener S.R.Nag appealed the world and specially to the powerful countries or states who are trying to capture the states or countries inferior to them (Example-Gajapatti) and appealed to stop these type of acts.

Stop the illegal acts in the country (e.g. NASA, ESMA, Green hunt etc.); all the innocent prisoners who are behind the bars for no reason should be freed after a fast trial.

All type of tortures which the villagers face almost every day should be stopped and all the rights which a citizen of a country deserves (e.g. Right to Education, Right to information, Right to live) should be given to every citizen in the country.

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