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Ensuring access to healthy and nutrition rich food through Dishom Guru Poshan Vatika Yojana

Vegetables cultivated in courtyard becomes a source of nutrition for the villagers

Ranchi, July 28: Dishom Guru Poshan Vatika Yojana, an aspirational scheme rolled out by the Hemant Soren-led Government of Jharkhand, is  showing a positive impact on the health of rural and tribal populations across the state.

Residents of Mangudih village, a tribal village surrounded by forests and mountains in the Kuchai block of Seraikela, had been deprived of nutrition-rich food.  Through the means of this scheme, nutritious food is now a regular element of the food intake of the women and children in the village, due to this a continuous improvement in their health is being registered.

Raising awareness for the need of nutrition-rich food intake

Agriculture is the main source of livelihood for the villagers of Mangudih village. The Body Mass Index (BMI) and Mid-Upper Arm Circumference (MUAC is a measurement that allows health workers to quickly determine if a patient is acutely malnourished) health check-up program run by the government revealed the poor physical health of the villagers.

The Jharkhand Tribal Development Society immediately came into action to work on improving the health of the villagers. Awareness programs related to the importance of nutrition-rich food and the ways to improve that helped villagers understand that improving the intake of green vegetables can have a charismatic effect on their health. As well as, it can lead to a better, healthy, and prosperous future for their children.

Impressed by the awareness program highlighting the importance of nutrition, run by Jharkhand Tribal Development Society (JTDS), Belmati Hembrom came forward to establish a kitchen garden in her courtyard. The state government provided seeds, fertilizers, and technical information to her while covering her with Dishom Guru Poshan Vatika Yojana.

Today, Belmati cultivates seven types of vegetables in the kitchen garden near her house. It brought a positive change in her life as she does not need to buy vegetables from the market anymore. Apart from this, the health condition of Belmati has also recorded a positive change. In a very short time, she gained the required weight due to her intake of nutrition-rich food. Her BMI has also improved. She ensures that everyone in her house gets nutritious food on their plate.  Looking at Belmati, other villagers are also joining this scheme and cultivating vegetables for their use near their houses or courtyard.

Improving health condition of the rural population and reducing malnutrition: Dishom Guru Poshan Vatika Yojana is being implemented through JTDS.  Apart from informing the villagers about this scheme, JTDS is providing other information related to the cultivation of vegetables, including the use of seeds, fertilizers, and other technical information.

Positive changes are being recorded in the health of women and children of the village due to this scheme. The rate of malnutrition among women and children is still high in Jharkhand.  Women in rural areas are suffering from anaemia. The State Government has started Dishom Guru Poshan Vatika Yojana to remove malnutrition among women and children and enable them to access healthy and nutritious food. 

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