Monday, December 11, 2023

Encroachments removed from Aam Bagan ground

Jamshedpur, June 1: �The nine-decade-old landmark Aam Bagan in the heart of city at Sakchi is no longer the green hub it used to be.

Instead, the four-acre ground that is used as a play ground and for hosting socio-cultural and religious function has fallen victim to rampant encroachment and a source of pollution due to waste littered on it.

The ground hemmed in by Aam Bagan Masjid on its southern side and Rajasthan Vidya Mandir (a state-owned high school) on its northern side, The Bengal Club (socio-cultural organization) on its western side is dotted by primarily residential areas barring the commercial establishment on the Thakur Bari Road.

Concerned over the situation, the administration launched an eviction drive. The operation led by Dhalbhum SDO Suraj Kumar along with Jusco general manager Dhananjay Mishra and Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee (JNAC) special officer Deepak Sahay began sharp at 12 noon and towed away nearly 22 SUVs and cars to the Sakchi police station while prosecution slips were pasted on over 15 vehicles including two long distance buses.

Around 200 police personnel from district police and Jharkhand Armed Police (JAP-6) were deployed during the drive. JNAC special officer Deepak Sahay said that fines of Rs 20,000 were fined from each of the vehicles found in the ground.

Recently a joint team of East Singhbhum district administration and Jusco�conducted an on-the-spot survey of the ground and gave orders to carry out anti-encroachment drive at the ground and construct boundary wall across the ground to prevent violation.

The increasing encroachment on the state government and Tata Steel lease land area particularly on busy market areas has become a matter of concern. Even the roads are squeezing day by day because of encroachments thus making difficult to drive the vehicles.

Bistupur, Sakchi and Jugsalai, which are the busiest areas of the town, over 50 fruit vendors and vegetable sellers have encroached the road and there are always a traffic jam as the fruit vendors have occupied one forth portion of the road, making difficult to move the heavy vehicles.

Encroachments in the city are omnipresent and thriving, much to the discomfort of the ordinary citizen. Be it the road, parks, pavements, markets or public land taken over in the name of religion, the city is known for the encroachments which blot the urban landscape.

The around witnesses six to seven fairs and exhibitions apart from political rallies and meetings also hosts one of the most popular Durga Puja hosted by Jamshedpur Sarbojanin Durga Puja committee. The Aam Bagan ground was finally cleared of encroachment after in a operation lasting for little over three hours.�

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