Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Encroacher in MIG Colony in Adityapur-2 dares Housing Department to stop const work

Himalayan Paths

Mail News Service

Jamshedpur, Nov 1: The residents of MIG Colony in Adityapur-2 are a perturbed lot with a land encroacher constructing a building on the property of the Housing Board. The residents had protested the illegal construction and reported the matter to the Housing Board authorities in May earlier this year following which they had sent a team to check out on the validity of the report and had subsequesntly stopped the work.

However, after a lull of  few days, the encroacher identified by local residents as Dinesh Kumar resumed the illegal construction work and when the MIG residents again protested he challenged them stating that he had his men in the Housing Board and nobody could touch him. The residents again informed the Housing Board and the RIT police on Saturday, October 31. Teams from the Housing Board and RIT police station came to the spot and had the work suspended immediately. Since then, there has been a lull. But the colony residents are in a dilemma and a sense of fear is also prevailing among them especially because Dinesh Kumar is reportedly a ruffian while they are peace loving people.

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