Thursday, December 1, 2022

Elephant accounts for another life

Jamshedpur: The devastation by elephants in Kolhan does not seem to abate. These elephants are rampaging crops and damaging houses. The elephant attacks are also leading to loss of lives.

The latest in the chain of elephant attacks is from the naxalite affected Gurabanda Block. Here an 80 year old woman Mati Soren lost her life in an elephant attack. The elephant, as reported, was separated from its herd. The villagers burst crackers to scare away the elephant. While fleeing, the pachyderm stopped to eat hay kept on the roof of the hut. As a result, the wall of the hut collapsed and the old lady died under the rubble.

A neighbor of the old lady, Jogeshwar Murmuís house also was brought down. A goat fawn was also killed and two bullocks were injured.

Ranger PK Goswami reached the spot and carried out investigations. He gave Rs 10 thousand for the funeral rites of Mati Soren. He assured all concerned that Rs 4 lakh would be paid after completing the paper work.
Then, the relatives of the deceased would be paid the amount from the Forest Department.

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