Monday, January 30, 2023

Eid shopping illuminates Jamshedpur market, market flooded with buyers

Jamshedpur: With each passing day, Eid shopping is picking-up momentum in city as rush of buyers are being witnessed in almost all markets and shopping arcades in the city continued after Iftari till late night.

The people along with family comes out for shopping soon after breaking fast and are seen busy by buying
shoes, suits, readymade garments and other items for Eid.

Most of the shopping markets in Sakchi, Bistupur and Mango have artistically been decorated and illuminated with colorful lights and buntings to attract buyers especially during night.

Bulk of the shopping centers and fashionable markets have been flooded with domestic and foreign goods as shopkeepers have displayed varieties of ready-made garments, cloths, suits, shoes, cosmetics, eyecatching jewelry and quality three-piecesuits for youth that were rarely seen in the past in the lucrative
markets of the city.

Saree, short-kameez, lehnga, knitted garments and ornaments. These dresses are mostly wooing customers as Eid special offers.

“The fervor of Eid shopping is gradually picking up in our city as majority of buyers are coming for shopping during last ten days of Ramzan while some will probably visit on Chand Raat,”Mohammed Rashid, a salesman of a popular garment centre in Sakchi.

Customers, however, are not happy with the shooting prices of the items like Saree, Bezoo woolens, and wallet having prices of about Rs.2000, Rs.1800, Rs.900 and Rs.1500 respectively which are beyond purchasing power of the middle and salaried class.

A short kameez was priced at Rs.1000 this year, as it was available on Rs.750 last year. Similarly, the prices of the ready made garments of the children and girls’ are high enough that leaves the middle income group gossiping.

In the markets, the girls and women are busy in shopping of traditional bangles and henna as shopkeepers’
setup stalls outside their shops in various markets such as Jugsalai, Dhatkidih to attract potential buyers.

“The shopping of bangles and henna is always in my priority list which doubles my family joy on Eidul Fitr’s
Day,” says Malaika Tarranum while busy in selection of bangles in Chowk Bazaar market.”

“The selection of quality bangles and henna are very difficult task. I finally purchased six sets of bangles and henna for myself and daughters following my three hours long shopping,” she added ” .

The wearing of new and crystal bangles and decorating hands with henna on Eid Day gives me immense
pleasure and joy,” she remarked.

This is the cheapest way of taking along your friends and relatives as one can buy a full set of bangles and henna on very minimum prices.

The customers’ are gradually picking up but hopefully it would further go up as Eid comes nearer,” said a

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