Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Candle March tribute to Martyr Kishan

Jamshedpur, July 14: Jamshedpur Loksabha Youth Congress took out a candle march procession as a tribute to the Martyr Kishan Kumar Dubey.

The event was coordinated by youth congress President Paritosh Singh and the procession commenced from Saheed Chowk in Sakchi offering floral tribute to the city hero. Youth Congress National wing secretary Mayya Pawar & Deepak Mishra was also present.

Speaking on the occasion Mayya Pawar pledged to support Kishan�s family in these tough times.

He also took a prick on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said,�Prior to the Lok Sabha elections, Modi said as a revenge for one life of an Indian soldier he will take a hundred lives of Pakistani soldiers. He also phrased his 56 inches chest.

But after the election, it seems it was indeed a false statement. Likewise the Jharkhand BJP govt. also has no utter feelings for the soldiers, which can be seen by the compensation announcement made on the death of the hero Kishan.

The programme was attended by Youth Congress National secretary Mayya Pawar, Deepak Mishra, Bijay Khan, Paritosh Singh, Pawan Tiwary, Gopal Yadav, Ashish Mukhi, Prashant Chowdhary, Nilesh Prasad, Khagen Ch. Mahato, Rakesh Sahoo, Prince Singh, Rahul Goswami, Ranjit Kumar, Nandlal Prasad, Aparna Guha, Rina Ghatak, Ratan Dubey, Dinesh Singh, Brajesh Singh, Kamlesh Kumar, Mintu Hembram, Koran Mandi, Kamlesh Sahoo, Ashish Kumar, Manoj Sahu, Indrajit Giri, Shravan, Sonu Tiwary, Vikas Singh, Rajkumar, Alok, Chandan and many other congress party workers.

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