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Early detection of cancer must for sure treatment: Dr Agrawal

Jamshedpur: Renowned senior consultant Oncologist of Apollo Hospital, Kolkata, Dr Vikas Kumar Agrawal today said that detection of cancer in its early stage was essential for its successful treatment. In case cancer is detected in the early stage, there is 90 per cent chance of its successful cure, he said.

Dr Agrawal was speaking during an interaction session organized at Sun Healthcare situated at Bhadani Trade Centre, R Road, Bistupur, on Sunday. He spoke on the causes and methods of prevention of cancer. He said cancer cases were mainly of three types which include oral cancer, breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Oral cancer cases are reported in large numbers, he said.

“Every year 14 lakh patients are diagnosed with cancer. Out of these, the cases of oral cancer are in majority. Most of these victims are addicted to tobacco or tobacco products like cigarette, pan masala or gutkha. Anyone addicted to tobacco products may themselves look inside their mouths after washing it with water once every month to see if there is any wound or white patch. If wound or white patch is found, urgent diagnosis and treatment are required,” said Dr Agrawal.

Dr Agrawal said that every wound should not be necessarily taken as a sign of cancer. If there are wounds or white patches in the mouth and several other places in the body and it is not healing, one must undergo urgent medical examination accompanied by biopsy, he said.

Dr Agrawal further said that still many people are misled to believe that biopsy leads to further spread of cancer in the body. “Going for biopsy leads to early detection of cancer and also helps in detection of any other disease which is not allowing the wound to heal.

Biopsy at the right time also makes the treatment cheaper and easier,” he said.

Dr Agrawal said that the cancer wounds are generally painless. As a result, people take very long to undergo treatment.

If people have wound with no pain and no sign of its healing, they must go for medical examination on an urgent basis, he said, adding that new techniques had come up in the treatment of cancer that cause minimum inconvenience to patients.

He said people should resort to a balanced and health diet consisting mostly of green vegetables and a healthy life style involving regular exercise. He said that excess use of tobacco, consumption of liquor, eating junk food and irregularity in eating habits were main reasons for cancer in India.

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