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Drive against parking rule violators, vehicles towed


Jamshedpur, April 7: In view of Ramnavmi, the traffic police have launched a major drive against the parking rule violators.

Obstructive parking and leaving four wheelers and two-wheelers at no-parking zones will now land motorists in trouble as the city traffic police wing is set to use the newly procured wheel clamps, which would lock the vehicles.

On Wednesday the drive was launched at Kalimati Road, Sakchi, during which several vehicles were towed.

Despite series of campaign it seems the citizens of the city are simply not bothered with the ‘no parking’ signs put up all along the main roads.

Concerned over the prevailing situation, the traffic police embarked upon a drive in which vehicles stationed on ‘No Parking’ zones are simply towed away with crane to ease the flow of traffic.

Jamshedpur traffic DSP, Vivekanand Thakur said, “We are concerned over the situation and want to make sure that there on no traffic congestion on the roads.

We are using police department’s crane to tow away the vehicles. We will be continuing with our drive against parking violators on this busy stretch at least for a week so that there is a sense of fear against people.”

The traffic police have adopted a new strategy against parking violators, while it pasted prosecution slips on those vehicles whose owners/operators were found nearby while those vehicles found parked in prohibited areas without any sight of the operator or driver were towed away in a crane to the Bistupur police station.

Another official said that vehicles, be it a four-wheeler or a two-wheeler, queued up in a cluttered is a common sight in the city. However with the towing of vehicles they are hopeful to teach the people civic sense.

Unauthorized parking has become a major concern for traffic police and repeated special drives have been launched to provide free movement.

As part of tough measures to regulate traffic, Jamshedpur Police have also received wheel lockers to clamp wheels of vehicles at no parking zones.

As per the plans, only after paying the fine with the traffic police, the vehicles – be it two, three or four wheelers – can be moved away from the spot. Any attempts to move the vehicle by the owner/driver with the lock may damage the tyres.

Concerned over the rising cases of road mishaps in city and to ensure free flow of traffic on roads in the city, East Singhbhum district traffic police have decided to act tough on vehicle owners parking on unauthorized area.
The idea is to keep a check on mishap points to reduce traffic congestion and accidents in city.

The move comes after people complained of snail pace of movement of vehicles on roads as vehicles are parked on both sides of the roads making them narrower.

The officer said that all the five traffic police stations in the city at Bistupur, Sakchi, Mango, Golmuri and Jugsalai have been instructed for towing away the vehicles who park their vehicles regularly on roads.

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