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The dream merchants of SHORTS realizing celluloid aspirations

By Goutam Shankar
: The seventh annual episode o SHORTS was again an exhibition in growing popularity of an event that has been serving the purpose of a pioneering vision.

Tathagata Bhattacherjee, filmmaker and chief of Take5 Communications, Kolkata, and Jenny Shah, his SPPE (Society for Promotion of Performing Excellence), Tata Steel, counterpart, jointly sowed the seed in 2008 for the city and the State, resulting in a rich and ever-promising harvest of celluloid talents gradually stamping its qualitative mark in the country’s glamorous tinsel towns.

“Having spent the better part of my schooling period in the wonderful and exemplary cultural goldmine that is Jamshedpur, it had been my sincere desire to put in my humble efforts in the unearthing and nurturing of hidden talents by providing a platform to showcase their expressive art on the national and global arenas,” observed Tathagata who is a proud alumnus of DBMS High School.

A very close friend of Tathagata Bhattacherjee and himself a theatre personality with movies to boot, Siddhartha Sen, could virtually feel the filmmaker’s urge. Together they met Jenny Shah and she immediately agreed. “Tata Steel has always taken a keen interest in the development of the city’s cultural talents.

Tathagata’s proposal was not only the first of its kind in the realm of short films but had positivity towards the realization of many cinematic dreams. Unhesitatingly, we joined hands and the results are very much there for all to see and feel proud of,” said an assured Jenny Shah.

Yes, seven years have resulted in an exciting journey with a promise of more discoveries in the fathomless sea of expressive talents. Bereft of a strong infrastructure support, local theatre artistes with the unquenchable thirst to expand to celluloid horizons, have taken up the daunting challenge to shine and prosper on the cinematic firmament too. Compared to filmmaking in the tinsel metros where money and professional technical support are comparatively easier to come by, the Jamshedpur talent pool, in spite of the financial paucity, has never been found wanting in any department of this creativity zone. In fact, it has made inspiring and confidence-generating improvement with every outing.

Theatre and film actor Jyoti Mishra averred, “Filmmaking has caught on in a viral manner. In spite of the financial and technical blocks, quality films are being made and many of them are being hailed at prestigious short film festivals across the country and, in many cases, beyond the borders.

SHORTS has broken the stifling creative barriers in all departments of filmmaking and most filmmakers in Jamshedpur in particular and Jharkhand in general, are turning out to be gifted and assured talents to vie for recognition and fame in an area of healthy yet fierce competition.”

Rachita Roy, a very sensitive stage and celluloid performer whose debut directorial venture, ‘Indradhanush’ screened in SHORTS – 2014, viewed, “It is SHORTS that set the ball rolling on the filmmaking turf. Many among us are now busy with TV, documentary and feature film assignments.”

Rachita’s elder sister, Nichita is now an assistant director in Mumbai and has also engaged in acting assignments. “My ultimate aim is to direct films,” said Nichita over the phone while lauding the visionary purpose of SHORTS.

SHORTS, a landmark project of SPPE and Take5 Communications, is living up to its purpose of discovering, nurturing and releasing a new, fanatically creative genre of film folks in the limitless domain of unending expressions.

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