Sunday, February 5, 2023

Door-to-door campaign to fight against Dengue in Jamshedpur


Jamshedpur: The sudden increase in dengue cases in Jamshedpur and its neighbourhood has prompted health officials to opt for door-to-door initiatives to combat the deadly vector-borne disease.

East Singhbhum district IDSP ( Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme) officer Sahir Pall on Wednesday held a meeting with health department officials to start door-to-door visits for identifying vector breeding points so that the larvae of the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, which causes dengue could be destroyed.

He said the health team would also go around abandoned company quarters and search for containers where water gets accumulated.

Incidentally, there are over 22,000 company accommodation (mostly single storied) in Tata Steel command areas, for itís employees. Out of which there are several quarters which are lying abandoned as they were not allotted to employees and are under process of being demolished . Containers left behind in such quarters which have got water deposited in them during the rains are turning up as a vector breeding spots.

The IDSP officer said that so far as many as 15 suspected cases of dengue has been reported from various parts of the city while the confirmed cases were three. The first dengue positive case was reported from Cable Town in Golmuri in the third week of June. The 39-year-old woman who tested positive and was undergoing treatment at the Tata Main Hospital has been released.

This exercise would be held simultaneously with routine methods of spraying larvicidal in the area.

“We need to understand that mosquitoes that carry the virus of dengue do not come from outside, rather they generate from the household things like flower-pots, coolers water, rejected tyre kept on the roof top or in the corner of the garden. So we must ensure that there is no such place where water is stagnant for sometime,” said an official.

He said that the administration will launch a special drive to create awareness on dengue and the Health Department will monitor the onset of the disease

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