Wednesday, December 6, 2023

District police to embark on road safety awareness drive

Jamshedpur: Concerned over the rising cases of road mishaps, the city police have decided to launch a drive in Jamshedpur. The police along with organizations like Jamshedpur Diocesan Education Centre have come up with a campaign scheduled from September 11 to 20.

The city police have decided to hit the streets by spreading road safety messages by putting up advertisements at important squares, organizing nukkad nataks (street-corner plays) and host of other events.

A senior police officer said that despite attempts made by different agencies to educate the people about road safety, a lot of people died of road accidents every year.

�We are targeting the younger generation. In a majority of mishaps, the victims are youths. We will organize workshops put up large hoardings at important squares and in front of shopping complexes, schools and colleges in the city. We hope this will also catch the attention of youngsters who are normally accused of rash driving the most,� said Karthik S, superintendent of police (city).

SSP Amol Venukant Homkar said the department had taken the initiative to launch traffic awareness on a mass scale by involving various sections of the society. Also present on the occasion, SDO Dhalbhum Prem Ranjan stressed on maintaining enthusiasm for the campaign till the end.

In the first phase, 40 hoardings have been set up at several places in the city in collaboration with private organisations. Sources said that these hoardings carry different messages to make people aware of the consequences of drunken driving, rash driving and driving on wrong lanes, as well as taking sudden turns on roads.

�The rising cases of road accidents are a matter of great concern. We are trying hard to educate people thorough different ways. We have put these hoardings with the help of private agencies. After this awareness drive, we will enforce the traffic rules by compounding fines from errant drivers,� said the SP.

The campaign coordinator Daryl Pareira said all suggestions and help would be incorporated to achieve the desired end, safer roads for the city.

While addressing the students he said that almost everybody knows the basic rules of road safety, but they do not implement. Now the time has come that we should implement in our day to day life. He motivated the students to take lead on such social issues and set examples for others.

He impressed open the role of college students in minimizing road accidents. Sharan said that in order to influence behaviour, believes it is essential to engage the children at an emotional level of the consequences and impact of an accident on their own lives and the lives of people around them.

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