Monday, December 11, 2023

District Forest Department proposes to setup parks

Jamshedpur: The District Forest Department (DFD) has sent a proposal of setting up two parks to its head office with the purpose to prevent encroachment on forest land and to initiate better environment.

It has been mentioned in the proposal that 7.50 acres of forest land at Khadangajhar was reclaimed from the unauthorized settlers with great difficulty. The forest land, since more than a decade, had been under unauthorized possession thanks to the involvement of politicians.

To prevent further illegal possession, the DFD authorities want to setup a park at the earliest. As per the proposal, a boundary wall, walking track, dustbins, benches and swings for children will be the amenities that will be provided in the proposed park.

The DFD proposal also includes similar plans for 25 hectare of uninhabited forest land in Dhalbhumgarh. It has been mentioned in the proposal that the population here is increasing and has reached the fringe area of this forest land.

There are certain sections of people who are eyeing that land. The proposal to the Forest Department�s head office for setting up a park on the forest land at Dhalbhumgarh includes construction of a boundary wall, planting of shady tress and flower beds.

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