Sunday, December 4, 2022

Dial 100, and then 9, for police control room now

Jamshedpur: Dialing the emergency police number Ď100í on your phone may no longer give the citizens of Jamshedpur direct access to the police control room of the district.

Now calling on the said number would connect the caller to the Ranchi police control room. An IVRS reply will ask you to dial Ď9í to get connected to the police representative.

After dialing 9, the call will be transferred to the Ranchi control room representative who would then transfer the call to Jamshedpur police control room.

Thereafter, city police would start the process of taking down the complaint.

Sources said the entire process would take around 90 minutes on an average. Earlier, it took 30 seconds altogether.

The new arrangement has given rise to apprehensions about its efficacy as many people find it difficult to dial 100 from landline phones of companies other than BSNL.

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