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‘Devotion is the ultimate shelter of devotees’


Dharma Mahasammelan (DMS) of Ananda Marga was held on the occasion of New Year on 4th January 2019 at Anandanagar, the global headquarters of Ananda Marga.

More than 20 thousand Margiis from the globe participated in the programme.
Purodha Pramukh/ President of Ananda Marga Acharya Vishvadevananda Avadhuta addressed the gathering of devotees.

Purodha Pramukh during his discourses explained the philosophy of life, he also pointed out the present crisis and cure of human civilisation. Purodha Pramukh said that devotion is ultimate shelter of the devotees. Supreme self is goal of life and to reach our final destination we have to follow an ideal path.

We all should teach moral principals in society and preach spiritual practices so that peoples mind can expand. He said Ananda Marga is only organisation which is for the triferious development of human beings. He said, “It is an action that makes a person great, be great by your Sadhana, service and sacrifices.” Human society is one and indivisible. No one should try to divide it.

Acharya Citsvarupananda Avadhuta, General Secretary of Ananda Marga presented the half yearly progress report of the organisation with thousands of service projects.
Acharya Sampurnananda Avt, General finance Secretary (GFS) of Ananda Marga read the annual financial reports of the Samgha.

Prizes were distributed to the dedicated whole time workers and active members by the Acharya Vishvadevananda, president of Ananda Marga.

On the occasion Amurt Global distributed 1000 blankets to the poor people of surrounding 52 villages of Anandanagar. Devotees enjoyed the kirtan Dhyana and Yoga at Anandanagar.

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