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Devotees pray for universal peace on Christmas

Jamshedpur: People in the city celebrated Christmas at the stroke of midnight on Friday as churches held special masses to signify the birth of Jesus Christ and to spread the message of love and universal peace. Despite fear of Covid-19, devotees in large numbers participated in the prayer ceremonies.
The carol singing at the St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Golmuri and other churches started between 7:30 pm and 11 pm yesterday. Missionary schools like Sacred Heart Convent School, Carmel Junior College and other schools have also been illuminated for Christmas followed by new year.
“Lord Jesus gave the message of love and peace. It is about letting us learn to live in peace and harmony, accepting that we all are God’s Children,” said the parish priest of St. Mary’s Church in Bistupur last night.

While most of the Catholic churches like Lupita Hall in Telco, St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Golmuri had a mass and a morning mass, the St. Mary’s Church In Bistupur had three prayer services, one at midnight, one in the morning and one which was held in the evening for the convenience of senior citizens.

The midnight mass at the St. Joseph’s Cathedral night was conducted in Hindi but the morning prayer service was conducted in English and Hindi. 

“We are celebrating the birth of Christ. The church is decorated with balloons, lanterns. Christmas spreads the message of love and peace,” said a priest of St. Joseph’s Cathedral.
 The devout filled the prayer halls as the priests delivered the messages. The Bishop conducted the prayer at St Joseph Cathedral church Golmuri and delivered the message. He called upon the devotees to uphold the qualities of compassion and love which were the messages of Jesus.
The air reverberated with chimes of bells. The impressively decorated churches lent a festive spirit to the occasion of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.
The people also distributed sweets and burst crackers. Midnight payerswere organised in all churches in the district.
All the six Roman Catholic churches in the city started their programmes in the evening. Lupita Hall, Telco started their mass at 12 midnight. Before a week, members of the Lupita Hall, Telco roam around the Christian families of the area and gave them messages of love and peace.
Prayers were held at the popular churches in the city, Beldih Baptist Church, St Joseph Cathedral and St. Anthony’s Church to mark the birth of their savior. Devotees lit candles and prayed for humanity.

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