Sunday, March 26, 2023

Demonstration demanding recognition of Sarna Dharma Code


Seraikela : Members of the tribal community in Rajnagar protested demanding the implementation of the Sarna tribal religion code. On Thursday, on behalf of various tribal organizations, the tribals demanded a separate religion code column in the upcoming 2021 census. The tribal community said that if the central government does not arrange separate religion code columns for the tribals in the upcoming census, then they will boycott the census. The Hemant Government has passed the Sarna Adivasi Dharma Code from Vidhan Sabha to identify the tribals. The Center should give recognition to it and implement it without delay, otherwise there will be vigorous agitation.

 During this time, people took placards in the hands and raised slogans demanding the Sarna Adivasi Dharma Code. The Hemant government shouted slogans of Zindabad tribal unity Zindabad.

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