Sunday, December 10, 2023

Demand for direct NTTE appointment of Tata Steel employees’ sons

Mail News Service

Jamshedpur, April 12: Sons of Tata Steel employees have demanded that those among them who have exceeded 42 years of age be appointed directly in Tata Steel’s subsidiary NTTE. Members of the TISCO Nibandhit Shramik Sangh today assembled at the TWU office gate to observe a one day hunger strike and protest but were not given the permission in view of COVID protocols that arre in place.

Leading the Nibandhit Shramik Sangh members Mohan Pandey informed, “We have been demanding jobs in Tata Steel since the past 20 years and have suffered police baton blows but we never flinched while putting across pour demands. But ultimately when Tata Steel announced enrollment of our members, the cut off age was put at 42 years. Wherein lies our fault? In September 20219 when TWU signed the MoU on wage revision of employees the then TWU president R Ravi Prasad had made an understanding on appointment in NTTE. He had then said that those who have crossed 42 years of age and miss the appointment cut off will be appointed in NTTE. Likewise, our demand is that those registered sons who have exceeded the age bar of 42 years be directly recruited in NTTE.”

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